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I am a PhD student and college writing teacher, living and working in Harlem, New York. My research focuses on issues of diversity and inclusion in public colleges and universities. As a teacher, I specialize in using a mix of digital technology and responsive, student-centered practices to promote welcoming and engaging writing environments. As a researcher, I am investigating the history of disability access programs in public colleges and universities, from the earliest programs in the 1940s to the present.

I regularly present my research at national conventions, including the Modern Language Association, the Conference on College Compassion and Communication, and the Council of Writing Program Administrators. I also frequently give workshops for faculty across a range of disciplines on topics including writing-intensive assignment design, uses of digital technology in the classroom, and Universal Design for Learning.

You can find out more about my past education, professional achievements, and teaching experience by exploring the Academic Portfolio page.

Learning/Doing Blog

This blog features current projects, drafts-in-progress, personal musings, and self-published versions of conference presentations.

Recent posts:

    Learning/Doing Blog

  • A year of reading, what’s it good for? September 9, 2014 This is a draft of my 10-15 minute introduction, which I will present at the beginning of my oral exams tomorrow. Comments are welcome before 9am on Wednesday 10 September 2014. Rather than spending this time at the beginning of my oral exam describing my three lists to you again, I thought I would talk a ...
  • When the sources wrestle back August 17, 2014 Prompt:¬†It’s now time to confront your sources. You have already drafted through your argument in some detail, but to this point you’ve been avoiding addressing the secondary sources in detail. You have placeholders in the draft, where you know you will quote Richard Miller or discuss Margaret Price, but you have not actually settled on ...
  • One-month conniption August 10, 2014 My oral exams are in precisely one month. I’m most of the way through the books and articles on my reading lists. The truth is, since I formed the lists around special topics I’ve been thinking and reading about for a while, I had read about half the texts before I started my prep. In ...

Annotated Bibliography

This section contains semi-structured reviews of scholarly books and articles. It began as a study tool for my oral exams, but since I passed that hurdle in 2014, I have continued to use it to gather my thoughts on recent scholarship. Feel free to recommend books or articles for me to review via email or Twitter.

Recent posts:


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